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Matthew has been involved in many creative projects, from personal endeavours to contracts with highly regarded arts establishments. He has produced over a hundred audio recordings for artists, retailers, and charities, which have been aired on radio stations on the East Coast of the USA, on the BBC, and independent stations in Australia and New Zealand.

His film work has been screened in Europe, primarily in Berlin, Vienna and across the U.K.

He currently runs an independent recording studio and teaches music and audio technology in Wiltshire. 

If you would like more information please feel free to contact Matthew via the contact page.

You can also view a more extensive overview and portfolio history of Matthew's work by following the download links below.

Selected Works by Matthew Ferguson, 2019 (PDF, 45GB) - Visual Arts Portfolio


Work History Portfolio of Matthew Ferguson, 2020 (PDF, 30GB) - Extensive List of Past Projects

Sound & Audio Showreel (Link)

Film History & Showreel (Link)

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